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Re: Round the Campfire ~ March

Hi everyone!

Hi DJ. Love this little guy! He's so cute! I don't really see anything off about it. You did fine.

Hi Rick. You drink your coffee like I drink mine - black. Any and all of your art will be very welcome! It's not a competition here at WetCanvas. It's just a great place to share your work and get good feedback from other artists of all skill levels. And if you're at all nervous about someone giving you hard critisism, you can always ask people to give no critique. We will welcome your artwork whenever you feel ready to share it with us.

Hi Deb. Wow! Those are some tough carrots. Glad they survived and tasted great! Griffs sounds amazing! There's another small town place near here that does the tray thing. They have amazing fried chicken, burgers, and ice cream too. Now I want to go back...but it's just a summer place.

Yes, I rolled our 4-wheeler about 10 and a half years ago. I was 14, and my brothers and I all loved riding 4-wheeler. We needed two 4-wheelers for chores (we've always had a lot of young livestock) and between chores, it felt great to ride all over the place. We are pretty much surrounded by a woods that covers most of the hills around here (we live in a big valley). Around the time of my accident, we had had loggers come in and thin out the woods some to keep it healthy. They left in their wake a lot of trails and open areas which were excellent for 4-wheeler trails. There was one I especially liked which went through the woods along a steep hill so that on one side of the trail it was a hill and on the other, a steep drop. I was riding along this trail (not terribly fast even) and one of the front tires caught a small knob/root along the steep hill side. It positively jerked the handlebars from my hands and the tires turned sharply to the side, and the whole 4-wheeler rolled right over. I blacked out for just a moment, and I believe the 4-wheeler rolled over the top of me because when I came to, the 4-wheeler was on the opposite side of me. It was completely upside-down, still running. I wasn't unconscious for long because it was still rocking a little bit when I looked at it. In a panic, I quickly shut the 4-wheeler off and rolled it back onto its tires. I couldn't drive it home because the handlebars were pressed down against the gas tank - I later learned from my brothers that it was actually supposed to do that when it flipped so the handlebars were safe. The only real damage was that the throttle broke off. I paid to have it replaced and my parents were very gentle about it. You can imagine how afraid I was to tell my mom and dad that I rolled their 4-wheeler! By the time I walked back to the house, I was beside myself and so afraid and shaken up that I could barely say what happened. But they were very good about it. It was still pretty scary though. I've never driven the 4-wheeler quite so bravely since, but I still enjoy riding sometimes. I can still remember it like it happened yesterday...

Have fun with your new chickens!

Hi Catherine. Thanks for the encouragement! I should be working on it now...I'd better wrap up here soon and get to it! As for the toad honest now, did he pee on you? I've picked up dozens of toads in my life, and they will always pee - must be a defense thing. You just need to hold them gently around their ribs under their arms and the pee will not touch you.

Hi Sharon. Sorry you've got it so cold and gray! We're supposed to hit the mid- to upper 40s next week. Can't wait for that!

Hi Donna. I'm so sorry to hear you lost your dad at such a young age. That must have been so hard for you. Enjoy your weekend off before those t-shirts start to haunt your dreams!

Hi to everyone else. Jim, I've got to find an issue of that magazine! That's so cool. Congratulations again!

I'd better get to work on the scratchboard again. Catch you all later!

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