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Re: Round the Campfire ~ March

March already and snow on the ground with more cold weather predicted. This winter has been strange here in KY. For any of you in the SW ... I will gladly trade my cold/wet/gray, bare trees for hot/sunny/sand and rocks!

Obviously I didn't get to any of the February challenges although I've got copies of a couple in my 'someday' file and I'm still working on the book illustrations. I'm beginning to think this is sounding an awfully lot like a regular job ... every time I send out another package of illustrations I get suggestions for more. Can't complain too much but I do have other projects I'd like to either finish or start.

DJ that is an absolutely adorable pup, really personable and you've managed to catch that 'terrier' temperament somehow. I do remember days at the dog shows, lots of fun and I may try a couple of local 'fun matches' again, if I can find some within reasonable driving distance, but only with a sketch pad, not a booth. As a 'test run' I may try showing up at the local dog rescue's monthly 'Adopt-a-Dog' afternoon at the mall, perhaps talk to them a bit about some of their fund raising efforts.
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