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Re: MfM does the STEMS event again

With the huge thunderstorm raging I left the challenge painting in my car. This evening, (the next day) we were in a favorite restaurant and when we left I gave the challenge painting to the owners.

I have started pouring... First I made some cardboard covers. Then I went over the panel edges with a sanding block to clean them up. Then I put blue tape around the edges to be a sort of a dam. I used a builders level to check the level of the place I'd work. I fueled up the torch and made sure it worked. I decided I'd only do two pieces today and tomorrow I'd do the others. Selected were the 3rd and 4th place in vote counts.

I found on Art Resins website that for a 12x16 inch, (30.5x40.6 CM) piece I'd need 7 oz, (207 mL) of pour for 1/8th inch, (0.32 CM) thickness. That means 28 oz, (828 mL) total of pour. I had a total of resin and hardner of 32 oz, (946.4 mL). So... I said why not use up that residual 4 oz, (118.3 mL)?

I put a piece of tape up the sides of the 2 bottles and marked the top and bottom... between these I put a mark every 1 11/16 inch, (4.3 CM) and this divided the materials into four. Then I poured using the marks as an indicator. Mixed madly for three minutes, (0.0000057 Yr) poured on the result and spread it about. Bubbles, yes, but the torch really does pop them... fun! More appear, pop them too. Oops, did the heat scorch the paper? More fun. Tooth pick lifts out a spec of something. Put the cover on the thing and try to relax. Do another.

Tomorrow I'll have a quick look but it takes days to get really hard. So.. 2 down 2 to go.


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