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Re: Barn in western Iowa

Mike, thank you for the comment! It is really making me look back at this drawing and figure out things I didn't like and why I did what I did.

Commissions for me are sometimes (most times) tough for me to do because I just don't feel the love that the person who is asking me to do the drawing does so I try to guess what they would like. If this drawing was just for me, I would fill the sky with cross-hatch. The mid ground (now white) would also be filled. It would be dark and moody. And it would not be something to show off the barn so much as it would be to say farewell.

This didn't seem to me what the buyer would want and I think this threw me out of my element and wound up with this.

I appreciate your comment. I find myself trying to draw to match what I think someone else is expecting to see and wind up loosing me.
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