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Re: Barn in western Iowa

Hi Mike! Absolutely! One of the reasons I'm not always in love with commission work. I'm not always connected to scene as much as the person I'm doing the work for. Then what I'm left with my love for light and texture. I don't really have a love for doing photography. I don't really get to touch the subject. For me, drawing allows me to feel the texture and feel the light in a physical way. I draw the shadow, I draw the cracks, the creases, the wrinkles, branches. My fingers touch every part. I get to embrace what I see with every line.

Something I didn't care for is the person asked that I fix the barn and clean the ground around it of weeds and such. This sterilized the scene for me. I kind of work in a "death mask" frame of mind for some scenes. I look for the wear and struggle. Sometimes the last gasp or the final farewell.

I agree with you completely! I don't feel I'm here to interpret what I see for others. It is hugely important to me that they come up with their own interpretation and their own meaning in what they experience. Who am I to tell them how to see their world or impose onto them how I see it? The beauty is finding our own ways to see the world and to experience in our own way. Mine is to feel the texture and the light in the way that is most meaningful to me. (This is edited in later - This previous paragraph may possibly be showing my lack of love for commissions and that I may have run my course with barns. I don't mean it in the grumpy way that it appears to have been written )

I think this is why my compositions aren't always the greatest, my perspective is often off, and probably a lot more odd things here and there. My love is to feel the light and textures in the motion of my fingers. I guess this is just my thing. Its not much. But it helps me get from today to tomorrow.

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