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Re: New Member Intro - Dragons and Faeries

Originally Posted by WoodyWelch
I've been at this for just over forty years and worked MOSTLY in movies and tv where you can't put your name on the images ("We're selling the movie, Woody, NOT you...") I made a pile of dough and am semi-retired but I still draw, paint, and sculpt all over the place. I will probably die at my easel.....or face first in a stack of pancakes at Denny's.

What a fanbleedintastic way to make a living (though no doubt it has it's challenges like any job). I wish I'd gone down a creative route. Or at least maintained it as a hobby. I have a lot of catching up to in order to get to a competent place. Spent around two hours yesterday evening sketching a nekkid couple in one pose. Result one slightly ropey pen line drawing. Eh oh.

Off to check out your portfolio...
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