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Re: newbie struggling with composition.

Originally Posted by kz202r
Hi all, I have recently picked up the paint brushes for the first time and find myself frustrated with composition issues. I seem to go to the too much content in my paintings to not enough. I have been known to take paintings off the wall after evaluating for a few weeks/months to add to the composition in an effort to better balance the scene. Is this common to new artists?

Yes. It is common and a part of learning. Composition is one of the hardest aspects of art. In a sense, it can be equated to "telling the story." Compare to writing: A really bad writer with a good story to tell can get away with it. A very fine writer with a horrible story will not attract readers. Similarly, an artist with rudimentary skills can paint a great picture with good composition, and vise- versa. Much modern art is built in this principle.
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