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Re: newbie struggling with composition.

Originally Posted by kz202r
Hi all, I have recently picked up the paint brushes for the first time and find myself frustrated with composition issues. I seem to go to the too much content in my paintings to not enough. I have been known to take paintings off the wall after evaluating for a few weeks/months to add to the composition in an effort to better balance the scene. Is this common to new artists?

The amount of content is nearly irrelevant.. how they relate and guide the flow of the viewers eye is all that matters.

A simple example that is a masterpiece of composition would be the raft of the medusa (Théodore Géricault) .. there is an absurdly high volume of content.. but the composition is masterly done... and the crowding helps the final result. On other hand you can have extremely depopulated images with masterful composition as well like Against the Gods (Frazetta).
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