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Re: newbie struggling with composition.

Try thinking about the story you want your painting to tell, and what are the absolutely essential elements for that story. That's the painting you want.

There's an old painting saying: "Artists interpret, never copy!"

It means, among other things, that strong paintings always edit...adding and moving things...deleting things...until the painting consists of only the needed elements to communicate the painter's intent.

Your painting above is enjoyable, even pretty, but it resembles a photograph of a place, and not so much what an artist wants to communicate and is memorable. For example, what's the story about: the table setting; the sitting cat; the trellis; the pastoral scene; the lake; the calm day and clear sky? This painting simply has too much information, IMO.

Try to remember that a painting is not about what your eyes see, it's about what your heart feels and wants to communicate.

Others will be along with their own opinions, many of which will disagree. and that's fine, since we all approach making a painting from a different perspective.

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