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Re: Eyepaint's 2015 WDE Sketches

Doug - thank you. I update once a week, usually.

Nick7 - thank you. I draw the frames on my pages weeks ahead of time - I draw many many pages all at once. I know that for the WDE there are usually 16 photos plus an invitation. And I make a frame for the reference - date and host. Then I just make shapes in interesting formations. I go for 18 or so on the two pages but it depends on the shapes. The "use more than one frame" came about by accident. I drew one more frame than reference photos. So I drew one that spilled into another. It was an fellow pouring Indonesian tea from a great distance and so I drew the flow across the two panes. People loved it. And so most times I draw at least one image across two panes.

pezk/patk - thank you. Scavenger Hunt sketches are items drawn from life. The WDE sketches I do are from the photos posted by the host for that weekend. Typically people do drawings or paintings. Many years ago a host gave a challenge to do thumbnail drawings of all the photos. I tried the idea and got hooked.
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