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Re: March Challenge 2013 - Come one, come all!

Thanks, everyone! Glad you all like them.

Todd, I'm amazed, almost thought that shot was too "meh" to include and here you made it sing. Bravo!! (And, if pro grade oil is anything like pro grade watercolor, please please move up!! And show us more!)

Linda thank you for IDing the flowers. CO Front Range, that sounds Western to me! The Black Mountains are west of Kingman; the shot is from Laughlin facing due east. Here's a closeup of my favorite section, from Highway 68 (and now facing north):

I wanted to include that one but didn't have time to scan it, and here I just found it on my computer. Yay! Bonus shot.

Donna, I ran across another pelican in San Clemente, that was hamming it up on a pier railing. He was at least as tame as this one, but clowning around for treats from the fishermen! A little girl told me he had a name and was quite a local favorite although I don't recall what they called him.

Can't wait to see what you all do with these. Most of them have been on my "must paint" list for a long time. By the way, can anyone explain why a diehard watercolorist like me is just itching to paint the summer storm in oils? Where'd that come from? I don't have any oil paint, but totally wish I did!
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