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March Challenge 2013 - Come one, come all!

Howdy everyone, join us for the March Challenge. All media and skill levels are welcome! Here's a handful of the many reference shots I've collected over the years. If there's a theme here, it's probably Big Skies and Wide Horizons...

Desert scene outside of Needles, CA

And a sunrise from the same early morning drive. Another cup of coffee please, it's going to be a long ride!

A gnarled and moody backlit pine, Angeles National Forest, CA

Up the road from the pine, some contrasty shapes and colors around pretty little Jackson Lake (in the mountains outside of Wrightwood, CA)

Another shot of this high mountain lake (well, as high as mountains get here. It ain't Colorado! )

Here's a pinecone from the shore.

Back to the desert now, my favorite vista of the Black Mountains in northern Arizona, and a summer storm for those of you in colder climes.

I hope these flowers are a Western species, they're growing in a local park. Well, the park is in a Western state, anyway...

Surprise! Somewhere there is a description for this forum as including CA plein aire. I would totally plein-aire this guy. (Heck, I could almost reach out and touch him the day I shot this.) California Brown Pelican, very common here on the coast. This one was in Morro Bay, CA.

More to theme perhaps, one of my favorite reference photos ever. Moonrise as seen from the trail between upper and lower Yosemite Falls. It was the source for one of the first watercolors I was ever happy with, so more than a few good memories around this pic.

Finally, let's close with one of the historic California missions, this one in Santa Barbara as seen from the rose garden. Another favorite of mine, though one I've yet to paint:

Again, all are welcome to participate, comments are encouraged too although we do ask that participants keep it gentle unless someone asks for more.

CK =)
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