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Re: February 2013 Watercolor Challenge - Hibiscus

That's lovely, Doug! Can I ask what colour you used as the base for the petals? I went with permanent rose which is, of course, a bit too pink for this to be close to the photo, but it's what I had sitting in my palette at the time, lol!

This is mine:

It's 6in x 6in, so just a tiddler. I wished I'd bothered to mask the stamen and anthers (is that what they're called? school biology was a long time ago!) then I wouldn't have had to use a spot or two of white gouache to recover them at the end I lost the tonal variation through the petals a bit too, so they've ended up a bit flatter-looking than I hoped.

But I'm not unhappy with it, and I certainly enjoyed doing it - in fact, I'll probably have another go!

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