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Re: Plant Parade: May 2010

Vivien, Mary, Ruthie, and Judy, you are so welcomed, glad you are here, and like what I came up with.
We are so lucky to have such a wonderful Library, with such fabulous Refs. That's why I think it is so important that we mark down the members names when we use them, and thank them personally in our posts, when we show our paintings.
I've PM'd every one of the members who's Ref I've posted here, so they can see the results of their contribution., maybe even join in our Project too.
Mary.....yes, please do post a photo of the wild ones you are talking about. Would love to see them.
That first photo with the mountains in the background I think is from the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in California. I've seen many pictures of it, would love to see it one day. It's really something!!!

Something to think about too,........ if you sell your paintings. Poppy paintings sell very well, everybody, loves them, they put smiles on people's faces. I find it hard to say the word poppy without smiling myself.
So lets do some good paintings this month.
Also if you are good with landscapes, there are loads of refs in the poppy file to do some from FR. Eng. and Italy. I just had to limit myself, or I'd have posted the whole bunch.
Cheers Sharron.... .........C & C Always Welcome........
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