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Useful Casein Text

Cindy Moon McKee wrote up a .pdf of all her notes on Casein and the interactions she has read or tried with it and various mediums. I found it a useful resource file and had it saved on my computer for a couple years now but realize that others may not have been aware.

Here is the link:

Almost everything in there is stuff I personally located while researching Casein as well, but thought it very nice to have it all in one spot. Of particular interest, and one not found in almost any artists resource is the chemical interaction that takes place between oil and Casein over time. The two become more than just mechanically bonded according to studies done in medical and agricultural experiments. This is actually reinforced by the fact that ready made Casein paint available on the market happens to have a tiny bit of oil actually in the binder according to a few online articles.

Well, enjoy the read, I found it quite useful.
- Delo

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