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Re: Scavenger Hunt #397 Mar 10 - Mar 18, 2015

EP, the sculpture is small about 3 inches high and 6 inches long. We have 2 horses he did as well, they are about 10 inches high. The horses weigh about 12 pounds so I can't imagine the weight of a sculpture in a park that is 25 feet tall! Ours burned in the fire and survived. One of the horses was standing just on one leg as he was running. His leg broke and we decided to leave it.

Hope, thanks. Very cute kitten. Your "can" made me chuckle. Nicely done and the laundry is well done, too. Good thing to sketch to pass the time.

Joan, yes it seems like you cannot leave your sketching very long. Thanks. The desk is very beautiful. It looks old but is fairly new and handmade in Utah. We got it at a consignment store. I think it had been a floor model in a store and then they closed and put it there. It had never been used. Has some secret compartments. Fun. Nice buffet sketch and love, love the landscape.

I sketched this morning with my Microns in the big book.

Number 11, stock pot and Number 12, blue - a thing Gene has to pick up things from the floor or reach something on a shelf up high. It has rubber on the grabbers so is very handy.

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