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Yes, several points do apply:

1. Do not place the horizon line in the center. If you wish to emphasize the sky, place the horizon line at the lower portion. Placing the horizon line at the upper part will emphasize the water.
2. Make sure your clouds don't have the same look as the foam in a crashing wave.
3. Add fauna to give life. Just make sure they are looking inwards and in case of birds flying inwards.
4. Create a mood by changing the colors to sunsets or storms.
5. Blur mountains and the horizon line to help convey distance.
6. The "eye" of the wave makes a great focal point.
7. Clouds, birds, the line that forms when the water reaches the sand, etc. make great pointers and visual paths to lead the viewer to the center of interest.
8. If you have more than one wave. make sure the don't resemble each other in size or line.

Here's an example of a seascape I was commisioned to do.
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