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Re: Celebrity Portraites Question

In your opinion is this is a small business? I was sitting in a little Italian deli and saw an image on the wall of the actors in "The Sopranos" lined up for a publicity shot. I walked closer and recognized the artist of the print as one I've seen in malls all over the place. I went home and looked up the name and she's selling in a lot of online print stores as well as an ebay store.

She's an excellent copyist, judge for yourself:

(just used this site as an example because it has an easy to see set of images, you can see plenty of other U.S. sites selling these if you google the artist's name)

Isn't it funny that here we are wringing our hands over the littlest copyright detail, while artists like this sell their *prints* drawn from photos all over the internet with nary a problem!

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