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Re Moretti mixing….
No big secret really....If you want to make a color pastel try mixing it with dove grey, that's the lightest grey. Mint is a great shade using the dove grey and pea green. Try half and half then keep adding one way or another till you get a shade you are happy with. If you add some regular black to dove grey, you will get a light purple , use the black sparingly.

Hint for mixing, to see true color, pinch a tiny bit off of main blob, wait a few second till that cools to see if you need to add anything else in. you can then add that pinch back into the mass if you like.

For something wild and if you like striking things….add the striking colors to things, then after the bead is shaped, just strike part of the bead for a very cool and mysterious glass. Sculptures or bumpies really show this effect up. I once did periwinkle and coral, very cool striking went on.

What more fun can you have playing mad scientist?

sorry no pictures at the moment

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