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B2 was correct in thinking that one of the colors is causing the black line between the ivory and the blue color. The 2 colors I used were Copper Green and New Violet (273). I thought the blue color was very pretty and I wanted to share. I found it interesting that peculiarities of the 2 glasses used in the mix showed up in the final bead.

Copper Green and ivory cause that black line and the new color did too. Also, when Copper Green is encased, it turns a pinkish/light purple color. When I encased the blue, it turned lighter, almost grey.

New Violet when you put a dot or line on it, turns kinda light purple/grey around the line, sort of spreads out away from the dot/line, and the blue did the same then when the ivory dots where put on, you can see the lighter color under the black line from the ivory.

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