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Re: Which brand of oil painting brush is best?

Hi, CLS,

I had exactly the same experience with the Silver Grand Prix. My friend bought a set at the same time I did, and she felt the same. At first I thought I might be hard on brushes, but my friend had had some thirty year old brushes that still looked great. My history did not go back that far, but none of my brushes disintegrated the way the Grand Prix's did.

I called Silver, and the woman that answered (obviously the owners wife) said "I've never had such a call!" As if there were never any complaints about their brushes. I was quite polite, by the way. She told me she thought "my technique was not suitable for Grand Prix."

Needless to say, no more Grand Prix for me. There was quite a discussion about a similar issue on a Portrait forum on another site. The consensus was that some manufacturers are using lesser quality bristles in their brushes than in years past.