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Re: Which brand of oil painting brush is best?

Originally Posted by Orph
Stefi: Had to go grab a brush to take a look-see, and this is printed on one side of the brushes : 'Manet-Soies Pures - France'. My knowledge of the French language stinks (it's been many a moon since Grade 8 French Class), so perhaps a more enlightened soul could tell you what this pertains to.

Asked my hubby what Manet-Soies Pures-France means:
Manet (brand?) Soies (is) Pures (Pure) France (France or French)

"Manet is pure French"

Manet might be spelled MONET?

Been a long time since he has spoken french also, but looked up some of the words in french dictionary. Everything in it, except MANET.

Hi Orph,

The Manet line of brushes are named after the French impressionist painter, Édouard Manet.