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Not mentioned here yet (but not my original idea, got this from another board), to aquire the same color each time, keep a log. A friend found me some stainless steel chopsticks online and I cut one inch pieces, lay them out on my heated marver pad (coffee can in front of me with 6" square graphite on top of it). This makes the glass hot enough that I can just stick the tip of each into the flame and then to the hot tip of the chopstick. I add whatever colors I want to mix and VOILA! One tip though, if you get too much glass too far up the chopstick while mixing, just reheat that part "juicy" hot and scrape it back down using the side of your torch marver.

I mix 1:1 parts lemon yellow and sky blue and get this gorgeous muted sage green.

Thanks everyone for all the information!!

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