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Question Celebrity Portraites Question

Hi everyone,
I have been browsing the net and came across several professional artists who display celebrity portraits for sale.

While they are very well done in a lot of cases no way can they claim to work from their own photographs

My question then is this; how can they display their work for sale, when even to display a piece of work copied from someone else's photographs or other materials - and not acknowledging the source - is a copyright infringement? Isn't it?

Or do i have it wrong? I have seen celeb pics on wc and have indeed displayed one i did of Elvis myself so am i in copyright infringement too?

How does one protect themselves from breeching copyright law if they wish to draw celebrity drawings and display them? Or can they not?

I am told that some people get photocopies from library books, magazines, film books, video shops, postcards etcetera and then copy them and sell them. In fact this practise is displayed on the net so how do they do it? Are they taking a huge risk?

This question may have been answered somewhere else but i would be pleased to hear any and all comments legally based if possible.
Many thanks for reading this. Take care and see you soon.
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