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Re: Where The Day Takes you (WIP)... tiny Update!

Originally Posted by pinkrybns
I have what is known in the art historical/critical circles as "horror vacuii" or "the fear of empty/open spaces" -an affliction among artists/architects...

O! So that's what's wrong with me! Can you get medication or am I doomed to wander the planet filling every inch of paper with teensy little knots? LOL.

I love this. Take your time. I'm quiet here in the back. No, no, no refills needed. oh, if you insist I'll take a tiny nibble of that chocolate...

Serious question: when you do your underpainting for the sky, the colors you've selected, did you arrive at them over time & with practice & experiments gone wrong, or do you just "see" the compliments lurking under everything?

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