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WDE Invite... 8/23 to 8/25

Welcome to the next Weekend Drawing Event, I'm delighted to be hosting and sorry this invite is late!

Your time is HERE

Here are the guidelins for the Weekend Drawing Event (or Weekly Drawing Event or ‘Whenever’ Drawing Event' or ‘Weeders’ Drawing Event) or just a Creative/Artistic Happening

The Images Thread, posted on the specified day will have a light bulb icon .
You will find this and the invitation thread on the main page, fastened with a thumbtack so they're stuck!

You have 30 minutes or all day or whatever you have time for to select your image, then work on it for two hours. At that point stop, take a photo and share.... or keep working if you forge

When your work is ready to share, you need to open your OWN New Thread.
Start with WDE, DATE, TITLE + MI = Multiple Images (if you intend to do more than one reference). WIP = Work in Progress

In the spirit of the WDEs (and to keep threads manageable) please:

* Try to comment on others’ work too, but....

* Refrain from C&C unless the poster specifically asks for such,

* Keep all your ‘thank you' notes to single posts where possible,

* If using the ‘Quote’ button, edit out the image to quote only text.

* Try to avoid multiple, consecutively-timed posts - they lengthen the thread and make timing expensive for those on Dial-Up.

* Please keep your entries to a single thread for each WDE during the weekend. You may open a new thread for additional images from the following TUESDAY.

If you are really new and need more detailed instruction on how to post you can find them here.

There are 17 images (including the invitation image) and a challenge.

Have fun!
Helen, c&c's always welcome.
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