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Ganesha - WIP

Ello, I think I have made enough progress on a painting to start up a thread. I am making a painting for my fiancee's parents. As they are Indian, follow Hinduism and the mother is also active within Sikhism, I thought a good gift would be a deity both parents pray to. So, I went with Ganesha. It's painted on a gesso covered 12"x16" alumacomb. Will start glazing soon.

I don't expect many here will understand the symbols in the image, but there are quite a few. (The swastika is an ancient Hindu blessing and was stolen and corrupted by the nazi's, so please don't be offended by it.)

I have a grisaille that I think is about complete. But, not 100% sure. Thoughts?

(maybe i should have white balanced the camera before taking the photo...)
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