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Arrow February 2018 Plant Parade

Hi everyone! I'm your host this month and my theme is
Flowers and bugs
Flowers are dependent on insects for pollination and in turn give them nectar to feed on.
There are lots of references in the RIL of which I chose a few. You may use your own references if you so wish.
Any medium may be used. Please tell us your size of your artwork when posting.
Posting date is on the 25th of the month.
Not all references have the names of flowers added. Can you identify them?

The Team Challenge is at the end of the post.

Bee by LadyCarol

Beetle by QueenBee

Cetonia by Marioz

Bee on marigold Ysoria

Swallowtail by Lisilk

Butterfly by MV

Bee on cowpen daisy by coyotegal


The Additional Team Challenge ......

Choose any of the images provided (one or more) and design a child's placemat which also includes the child's name ...... please make it a rectangular format. If you make it A4 or similar it can be printed and laminated if you wish!