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Mar 6 elements of design assignment- share studies here

Okay folks...thanks for your patience...long day teaching today, working on a painting even at this time...

the idea...take small index cards...or in your sketchbook, just pencil out something about 3"x 5"...

Use a black ink ball point pen, a sharpie...charcoal pencil...whatever. The idea, squint your eyes...see the dominant elment shapes that you see, scribble them down...imitating the space they take up in the painting. Turn it on its side...upside down. Decide if the visual balance is symmetry, or asymmetry... where the eye enters into the picture, how the artist (if you are studying the works of artists you admire and wish to emulate or learn from)...takes the viewer's eye and leads it throughout the picture.

Note the variation used to create intrigued.

The painting above is one of mine shared here as an example...

I'll try and pop in from time to time to see how folks are doing..make a few comments so that folks are keeping on the right track, are showing signs of understanding.

Remember...this must become an exercise that YOU do for YOURSELF...and make a habit for awhile before starting paintings, or even with a good art magazine or book.

I often have my students pick three paintings doing this they DON'T think are working well...and three paintings they like and DO think are working well, and substantiate that on the level of good composition/design...using sketches such as there...

have fun!
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