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Re: Low-brow art

(We've defined this and pointed out some artists, but again, how do we feel about it? Do you like this kind of art and why or why not? And…where’s Old Hobbyist who started this?)

OH is here. Recall my original simple (or maybe simple-minded) question:
How does low-brow art differ from surrealism?

I really had little interest in drilling down to the kernel of all art and emerging with Victorian phrenological analogs. All I wanted to know was whether lowbrow art could be considered as surrealism.

Somewhere in all the verbiage, I believe that SLG said that lowbrow art is often called pop surrealism.

I interpret that to mean that at least some people think it is an outlier form of surrealism. If surrealism is identified as "featuring the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non sequitur," then at least some of these features should occur in pop surrealism aka lowbrow art. According to the ptgs that SLG posted, I believe they do.

IMHO, whether anyone likes or dislikes any or all surrealism or likes or dislikes any or all lowbrow art is really irrelevant to my original question. So, thank you SLG for your clarifying statement.

BTW, someone asked a Q as to how lowbrow art is expanding. 3D illusionistic sidewalk art, graffiti, and tattoo art are examples. Keep in mind that surrealism did not start with Dali's paintings. It started with the poet Andre Breton's application of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic analysis of the subconscious mind to literature.

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