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Okay. Painting next. Same daughter. Not that I'm playing favorites, but I took a photo of Heather and I just can't resist painting this one. The light is doing such wonderful thigs.

She is wearing purple again... not my fault. It is my favorite colour, but I swear it wasn't intentional.

Anyway... I think this time I will bore you with a few photos of the drawing... because I worked really hard on it.

I've decided that graphing out the painting is really worth the effort. It took me a long time to learn that lesson.

I started painting with the right eye. Predictably... When I was a little girl and I coloured in my colouring books I always coloured the eyes last. I didn't want the people I was colouring to see they were naked so I got everything else done first. Now I like the paintings to be alive with me as I work.

When I draw freehand I start with the right eye and then work my way out from there mapping things out in a fanning sort of pattern. I suppose that really isn't necessary with the paint since I've got my drawing in place, but I do it anyway.

Sorry, I probably shouldn't show so many progress photos, but I like to.

This is about where I'm at. I need to go back on a few tweaks before moving forward...
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