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Re: Collagraph miniature using Akua intaglio ink

The first image (first set of photos) is an experimental abstract collagraph in process. My goal is to layer several plates with different layers of colours/textures to build up an interesting print. Here I am using recycled particles (dried) which were the contents of a used Brita water filter. This is a alternative to carborundum and alum oxide particulate.
I put the granules into a jar and put a triple layer of cheesecloth over top and shook it. The finer particles came through and larger bits stayed inside the jar.
I applied liquid white glue onto my cardboard substrate using an oil painting brush. Then put the plate into a larger box and sprinkled the brita particles so they settled into the tacky wet glue. I carefully put a piece of firm board over top and gently pressed so that the particles would be embedded into the wet glue area. Removed the pressing board and left it to dry for an hour then carefully tapped the plate to remove the excess loose granules.
The plate size approximately 7 x 11 cm ( 2.75 x 4 3/8 in.)

The next couple of photos is a study of a lighthouse and lighthouse keepers residence that is found on an island just offshore here. I was sitting as a volunteer on Friday at an art gallery and had my netbook with photo images I had on file. I did a freehand sketch on paper, which I then traced and again re-traced in reverse onto the thin base card. Using red carbon paper I was able to trace some of small sections that originate from cut out paper shapes such as the lighthouse itself and the house below.
As the pieces are very small I used a triangular blade xacto to cut out shapes and also make marks into the surface of the plate.
I have used a variety of materials to make the plate including but paper, modeling paste and glue. Plate size is 10 x 10 cm (4 x 4 in).

The plates (front, back and sides) are coated with 3 layers of a spray can water based varathane.
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