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Use to denote nudity/mature subject matter Re: The Battle !!!! ~With my Pencil

Originally Posted by Indiana Kate
I'm guessing, here, Sandra, but I think Prosenjit would say that the pit of the neck needs to be right above the weight bearing foot, or right between the feet if the weight is split. Can you adjust her right leg some to adjust the balance? I like seeing the leg bones. That's cool.


Kate, if he said that he'd be wrong - except in a clear contrapposto pose where this is a useful rule. Also, when we can't see the suprasternal notch, it is best to consider C7 ( cervical vertebra 7) as a useful test of the pit-of-neck and the weighted leg.

The weighted leg - and the medial malleollus on that leg - will find it's way back under the body and here - I'm not sure where Sandra is depicting the weight so I cannot say much more. She does feel a slight bit like she is not in full balance so some adjustment could be required.

Sandra - Are they cheap pencils ? I have no idea - just because something is made in China - these days - it means nothing!

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