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Re: A Little Bit of Bling

Thanks all for your comments and suggestions.

Sandy, I think you are right, the beads do look more like brass than gold.

Doug and others in the more darks side...I tried adding more darks on the beads as I saw in the reference photo, but they looked odd to me, so I lifted them back to what you see here.

Char, I think your point is a very good one and something I need to start doing. Think about the subject before I start to work on it. I haven't done that enough and just plunge right in.

Deborah, I'll check out that link when I finish responding here. Thanks for posting it.

June and Kate, I think you are right about the white reflections...they needed to be saved and I didn't do that. They are about as light as I can get them without resorting to Deborah's suggestion and using some Luma White.

I think it is funny how some link all the little pin point whites and others are like me and find them distracting.

Thanks again for looking and taking time to comment. I appreciate it.

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