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Re: Scavenger Hunt #252 - Jan 6 - Jan 14


Nice stuff here!!

Joan..nice sketchin'..amazing WC..dock scene, landcsape and Church ( i think),,especially wonderful! stuff groovy! dont have a clue about digital must investigate,,
WCs sooo awesome to capture your life's events this way!

J..awesome sketchin.,,love the contrast in your drawing

Paul ..holy Jamolly mon!!..catch your breath..20 already .esp,.love the art box still life , old Mill, wreath and of course.. the pocket aces .well done!!.

Skatty..what a basket!..treat for the eyes..just beautiful..

Very sloooow start for me just 2,,so far..hopefully more to come..


1. Sounds good..Fleetwood Mac Rumours CD..I'm ancient enough to still have the LP
2.Tastes Good... Tim Hortons ( a Canadian Icon),Latte..
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