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Re: Session 3-From the the Suggestive- Painterly Realism

Originally Posted by Improv
Well that was a waste of time! I got into the webinar with 20 minutes to spare, no problem. Then 5 minutes before start time, my connection closed down! I tried for 30 minutes to re-connect, but couldn't. How many people were in there?

Guess I just wait for the recording-

No cheer,


The power in Sarah's city went down, so that shut down the meeting. It reopened within a few minutes, then Johannes joined us and offered to be the admin for Larry. We tried to see if we could get Larry back on the line so he could do his presentation, but it didn't work out. So Johannes is just answering miscellaneous questions that people are posting. Not to substitute for Larry but so that the hundreds that had reserved that time would not find it a total waste. There will be no recording for this session, but Session 3 will be offered next week.
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