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Fun with color mixing; did I make canteloupe?

Hi All!
I read the canteloupe thread with interest, and decided by golly that there had to be a way to make some! I took #418 butter yellow and tried mixing it with coral (I used the older coral that looks a little gray in the rod), and Lauscha orange. Here is what I came up with:

I also tried mixing butter yellow, coral and a swipe or 2 or rubino, and ended up with a color that was more brownish, with dark streaks in it. It would have been ok except for the dark streaks, but it wasn't what I was looking for.

Here is a bead I made with the first batch, butter yellow and coral 1:1 :

It is interesting that the peach dots turned into little stars! The darker dots were a cased stringer made from rubino over coral, so something in that might have reacted with the peach. The base is white.

Here's another test bead I made:

What I did was make a barrel of Moretti ivory, and wind the 4 colors of stringer around the bead in order. I started on the left with the 1:1 butter/coral, then used the butter y. w/a little coral (looks more yellowish), then the 1:1 butter/coral with a little L. orange. The darker band is where I used the butter/Lauscha orange with a little coral. I expected to see all 4 colors on the finished bead, but actually the first 3 colors ended up looking about the same; only the butter/Lauscha/coral mix looks different. It was a little disapointing, actually. I'll have to play around with these a little more and see what they do.

I also made a couple of mish-mash beads using all 4 colors. All you can really see is the light and dark, with some tiny dark spots. I don't know what caused those.

Even though the final test bead didn't turn out the way I expected, I still think I came pretty close to canteloupe! What do you all think? I've never seen a rod of it in person so I'm not really sure. But when I look at the stringers, it seems like either the first one or the last one in the photo look the closest. On the barrel bead, I think maybe the darker color wins the prize.

Has anyone else tried this?


Edit: BTW, I used the Lauscha orange because it is translucent, as opposed to the Moretti orange opaque. I was hoping for more of a translucent look. I think Moretti orange would be next on my list to try. I'm pretty sure I bought the L. orange at Arrow Springs last year sometime.

Also, I wonder if using Moretti ivory as the base change the colors somewhat? I should try it again on white and see what happens!

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