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You guys are right on...I tried sage on black today and it looked good. I also tried a couple of mixing experiments...mixed Lauscha cocoa with dark ivory and guess what I got? Light green!! I never expected that! It looks kind of like copper green, without the reducing phenomenon.

I also mixed sage with dark ivory and got an interesting yellowish beige that is darker than dark ivory, but not as dark as sage. It was so cool; as I was mixing the 2 colors, the glass turned yellow and appeared to glow in the strangest way! When I put it on a test black bead, it still looked like a pale butter yellow. Neat!

The last mix I tried was dark amber with dark ivory. I was disappointed with that one; when I was done, it still looked just like dark ivory. I haven't tried it on a bead, so it may act differently, but I had expected it to be darker.

The 1st two were 1:1 mixed, and the dark amber/dark ivory mix was about 60% dk ivory/40% dk amber. Maybe more dark amber would have helped.

I also tried !ngridh's trick with the tongue pink (letting it bloom), and it was so cool! I had just given up on it turning color, when suddenly it turned dark beige, like magic.

Ain't glass fun?

I'll post some pics of the mixed tomorrow, and see if I can't try some more combinations.
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