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Yorky 02-28-2006 03:56 PM

Welcome to Wet Canvas and the Watercolor Forum. :clap:

Within this thread you will find the answers to many of your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)... like... How do I post an image?... How to do I send a PM?... When should I use the Butt Icon?... etc.

NOTE: This is an international forum with members from around the world. In the interests of readability members should post in English or if not in English they must include an English translation. Similarly, texting abbreviations are not recommended as they could be confusing especially to non English readers who use a translation.

There are many on line translation facilities including Google Translate etc and indeed many browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome have built in translation facilities.

Beginners' Guide - how the site works and how to navigate the site.

List of Forum Moderators and Guides

Please PM your Moderator or guide with any needs and/or concerns...
(Click on "Private Messages" at the top of the screen, "Send Private Message" in list at left, insert the username of a moderator or guide then type your question.)

So what did I sign anyways?
Ever wondered just what your User Agreement says? Check it out here...
Updated User Agreement

When do I need the BUTT ICON?
Wet Canvas requires the BUTT Icon for nudity/partial nudity posts... when in doubt... post it with a BUTT... :D ... For more info on the current erotic/nude art policy click on the link below...

How do I add the BUTT ICON? :confused:

To add the simply pick the Butt Icon when posting your thread.

What do I do if I forget to add the BUTT ICON? :eek:
If you forget... simply click the "Alert Post" button (the red triangle) at the top right next to the post number and type a note that you need a and a moderator will attach one. :D

6 Techniques For Handling Criticism: Are you afraid to display your work because you can't handle criticism? This article walks you through six ways to avoid bad criticism and learn how to use it to your advantage!

Giving Critique - a Check List for Critiquers: Not quite sure how to give a critique? Try using this check list as a good basic starting point for any critique.

What is the maximum size for uploading Pictures?

The maximum size should fit in a box 800 pixels wide x 800 pixels high and the filesize should be below 100k. A quick way to resize and compress jpeg picture files is to visit www.jpeg-optimizer.com where you can do the whole thing online. I suggest you save all resized images under a new name in a new "wetcanvas pictures" directory to prevent overwriting the originals.

Resizing your Picture

Here's a video showing how to use the website "jpeg-optimizer.com" to resize and compress your images ready for uploading to wetcanvas.

The Image Uploader and Attachment Manager:

Having trouble trying to figure out how to put images in your posts? Make sure that there are no illegal characters in the filename. Uploading files and attaching images will be a cinch after you check out this step-by-step article showing how to use the Image Uploader and Image/File Attachment Manager!

Should I use the Image Uploader or the Attachment Manager?
Answer... the IMAGE UPLOADER... that way your work can be viewed within the thread when someone is replying. Since we are big on critiques here it makes it easier to give one. :wink2:

Check out the new Image Uploader... Doesn't get any easier than this! :clap:

UPLOADER TIP: Leave a blank line before and after each picture so that they do not interfere with the text layout.

HERE'S a Video of the Uploader in use.

Find what you are looking for
How to Search the Forums

If you don't have a photo manipulation program here is a brilliant free program. http://www.irfanview.com/ You can resize your images to fit the 600x500 requirements.

Keeping track of Threads

To keep track of any replies to a thread go to My WC and set your options to Instant email subscriptions.

Checking new Threads

If you have an RSS reader such as Feedly to check on new threads in a forum you could subscribe to the RSS feed in Google Reader or similar. The RSS code take the form


where x is the forum number at the end of the forum url. The Watercolor Gallery for example would be


If you need to keep an eye on all new threads on wetcanvas you can use the code:


This will give the title, member name of all new threads.

How to Quote Text

To quote the whole thread you click the QUOTE button bottom right. This starts a new post and inserts the whole text as a quote with the name of the member. You can then delete the bits you don't need.:


Originally Posted by Yorky
......Here's a section of text from one of my posts.......

The other way is to highlight and copy the text you wish to quote, go to your reply thread and click the Quote icon next to the image icon above and paste the text in between the quote tags:


This is a sentence from a post

How do I get or award Mentor/Merit badges in this forum?
Merit and mentor badges for our forum.

The WetCanvas! Award System: Not sure how or why you received an award? Artie will tell you everything you need to know about the WC! Award System, about how to earn your own awards, and how you can vote for others in attaining merit and mentor awards.

Making Avatars for Use on WC!:

Please note the Custom avatar uploader is out of action, you have to use one of the 102 standard avatars.

The mystery of Avatars, also known as "tinyheads", is unveiled by Artie's guest writer (hlee) showing how easy it is make and upload your own with the freeware programs readily available on the web!

Where Should I Post My Art? -- Guide to the Forums: Confused about where you should post questions or your art? Here's where you can learn about the various forums on offer, learn how to get a critique, cross-posting, and the three-strikes rule.

Using the Private Message System: Wondering how to make contact with other WetCanvas! members? Check out Artie's step-by-step instructions to the Private Message System, and soon you'll be in touch, too!

Personalizing WetCanvas!: Want to create your own 'look' for your posts at WetCanvas? There are lots of options and, best of all, it’s easy! Join Artie for a tour of the My WC!! options! When adding signature data please add your camera make/model and the Graphics application/version. Example...Nikon D70/ Photoshop CS2

Using the WetCanvas! Article Publisher: Have you found the Article Publisher to be confusing? Cori Nicholls untangles the confusion with an Article aimed at helping members to take advantage of the opportunity to share their knowledge with the rest of us through published articles.

Using the Art Projects System

When you create a new project make sure you notify your forum moderator so that it can be checked and approved.

6 Steps to Registering Your Account!: Been lurking long enough? Want to join WetCanvas! and get in on all the neat benefits of membership? Well, it's easy and it's free, so just check out this 'how-to' article and you're on your way!

How To Rate Threads: Artie is at it again with helpful hints for New Users in this Article on How To Rate Threads! Ever wonder how some threads get those little stars? Step-by-step, you'll find out how!

How to Chat at WetCanvas!: Want to chat with other WetCanvas! members? Here's a step-by-step introduction to the Chat System, affectionately known as the Café Guerboise Chat!

How to JOIN a Project, CHAT & UPLOAD Your Work!: Bobby Aquitania, resident chat nut and cartoonist, asks Leo, Remy, and Vinnie how to join a project, upload work and enter the WC! chat room where members discuss their work.

IMPORTANT: If you create a new Project with the Art Project system be sure to inform the forum moderator so it can be approved.

Searching Wetcanvas

Check out this thread in the New Users Forum

Creating a Link

When you see blue underlined text on a page, clicking the text will open a new window with the destintion webpage. To create a link, follow these instructions by Europa:


If you want to put a link in your reply then this is what I do....

I have two browser windows open - one which has the wetcanvas reply in it and the second one that has the page to where I wish to link.

In your WC reply thread type the word HERE - then place your mouse cursor in front of the H - hold down the left side of your mouse and move the cursor across the word HERE - this will highlight it.

Take your finger off the mouse (leaving the word HERE highlighted) and then click on the little icon that looks like the world with sunglasses on the bottom - this will then open a small rectangular window called a User Prompt - it will ask you to put in the URL (that is the address) of your link.

So now re open your second browser window and go to the address bar at the top - where you can see it says http:// - hold your mouse cursor over it and right click your mouse - this will open a drop down menu so scroll down and click on copy.

Return to your WC reply thread browser window and place your mouse cursor in the User Prompt window and again right click on your mouse and scroll down the drop down menu to paste. Left click on your mouse and the address of your link will show in the text window.

Click OK and you should then see that the word HERE in your reply is highlighted.

NB - when you have a couple or more browser windows open they are shown on the bar at the bottom of your screen - (where the START button is) - all you have to do to swap between viewing them is just click on one and you can go back and forth.

So there you go - hope this helps.

Creating a Signature Banner

Check out this informative Article.

Reporting Posts

If you see a post that needs Moderator attention, be it simply a double post, a post in the wrong forum, or perish the thought an offensive or pornographic (it happens) post, then click the red triangle at the top right of the post , and state what the problem is. This has the effect of notifying all the mods and giving a direct link to the offending post so that it can be dealt with expeditiously.

Hints and Tips on using the Reference Image Library

What do all the Acronyms stand for?

Check out the Washionary and Skype Directory thread

Changing your Username
Often newbies sign on with usernames that eventually become innapropiate such as "absolutebeginner", "neverpainted" etc and may wish to change it. In this case send a pm to one of the moderators with a request and the suggested new name. It usually takes a few days to come into effect and all your previous posts get the new name too. You can check whether the name is taken by clicking "Member Services" at the top and searching the Member Directory.

Anything else?

The Wetcanvas Knowledge Base

Llis has all the answers.... :D

Access to the Articles Index

If in doubt ask!

plec 04-10-2006 04:43 AM

Re: NEWBIES - Read This Useful thread:
Sorry'' you must get a bit tired of these questions but I keep seeing intials that I do not understand. is there a placeI can check up on these. The latest one is WDE. I see the watercolour wash cafe seems interesting can you just jump in with your own comments at any time, it seems like butting into someone elses conversation.

Yorky 04-10-2006 04:52 AM

Re: Watercolor Forum Acronyms
Yes, it must be puzzling.

There is a thread in the Wash Cafe called the "Washionary and Skype Directory" which explains all the acronyms that people use in the watercolour forum. It started with BBL be back later and went on from there :D


plec 04-10-2006 08:21 AM

Re: NEWBIES - Read This Useful thread:
Many thanks Doug

mmcaloon 04-18-2006 07:55 AM

Re: NEWBIES - Read This Useful thread:

Kayeo 05-08-2006 11:43 AM

Thanks for the info.. I'll keep it handy. It's not simple getting around this site if you only visit once a week or less. I'm going to try to get here more often to take advantage of the professional advice, as well as using it for inspiration.

Yorky 06-26-2006 05:08 AM

Link to the KNOWLEDGE BASE added - the answers to many of your questions.


Janby 09-10-2006 11:31 AM

Please, can somebody enlighten me, what does "bump" mean?

Yorky 09-15-2006 04:48 PM

Sorry, Jan, just back from Charmouth.

If a thread is not marked "sticky" it gradually drops down the page and is lost unless someone replies.

Often people just post "bump" to promote the thread to the top of the page.

In this case the thread is a "sticky" and therefore can always be found towards the top of the page, so it is not necessary to "bump" the thread.


Janby 09-16-2006 04:36 AM

Hi Doug :wave:

Thanks for that. I've spent ages trying to make "bump" into a sentence, ha ha. Jan :thumbsup:

Dale Ziegler 09-28-2006 04:57 PM

I'M AN OLD NEWBEE, and I'm afraid I'll never understand wet canvases' language of bumps, grinds and stickys. I don't participate in most projects because the instructions are not clear enough for us computer nerds.

Yorky 09-28-2006 05:01 PM

LOL Dale, well I'm an old techie who is here to help.

What is it you are trying to do?


Laura D 11-30-2006 05:04 PM

How do everyone? Just joined up after perusing old WIPs and a couple of demos as a guest. Is there a good place to jump in? I'm looking for some technical stuff including critiquing, mainly WC and portrait stuff.

I looked over at Watercolor Wash and that seems to be about the weather! There was a confusing post in Studio that said a partial image posted should have been in Studio... The Learning Zone is pretty obvious but I did have a question about that. Is it a more structured forum for class-type activities or a general forum for those of us who need help/feedback? FAQs have been scanned but I'm still...

A slightly confused (and overloaded) Laura

Laura D 11-30-2006 05:12 PM

Oops, just found the info under "Simple posting guidelines". Sorry.

call 12-04-2006 11:35 AM

Hellofrom Canada!
I am a fairly new newbe. The amount of info is overwhelming. Having a great time checking out everything, flying from one section to another. There is constantly new found places of interest from portraits to scratch etc.
Thanks to everyone!

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