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Snow_tabby 01-07-2020 05:41 PM

The new printers of 2020
Recently I've seen some ads on some new printers made by Epson. I guess the printer and scanner combos and other. They don't use "old fashion" cartridges but I guess have ink wells that you fill up yourself. I think Canon has a few of these types as well.

Has anyone had a chance to try them? If so what do you think of them?

Worth while? Do you think they will plug up easily especially when using cheaper alternative ink refills? Or do you think it will be the same as using traditional printers that use cartridges?

contumacious 01-15-2020 10:55 PM

Re: The new printers of 2020
For an office printer they look like a good solution but not for an "art" printer in my opinion.

The large tank Canon and Epson printers are only 4 color printers so don't expect to get high quality art reproduction or photo prints from them. You need at least 8 ink cartridges and preferably 10+ to get professional looking prints.

There are already solutions similar to the Epson Eco Tanks. Pick a good 10 color pigment based printer and get a professional level ink refilling kit from Precision Colors - www.precisioncolors.com or the https://www.octoink.co.uk/ in the UK. The inks aren't like the cheap ebay stuff, but they do cost less than factory inks.

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