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vmrs 10-04-2019 10:16 PM

2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Admin Note: This project is full!

Participating members:
Colorfur Critters

Welcome to the 2019 Christmas Card Trade!

Come join us in celebrating the holidays by trading hand made cards with other members around the world.

This project is a multiple mailing trade; please only sign up if you are able to complete the trade.

How does it work?
This project will be limited to 13 participants, which means you will need to make and mail 12 cards.
Each participant is to paint/draw/collage/etc. original card(s) in a letter mail size of your choice (about 5x7 inches or smaller) from your own references, imagination, or the RIL.
You can send originals or copies. If you are making copies of one or two designs, the copies must be of good quality (no regular paper photocopies).

How to sign up?

This project is full.
For technical reasons, we are not using the project system this year.
To sign up this year, simply post below that you are signing up. Then please immediately send me your address via pm. The first twelve addresses that I receive will be in the trade. I must have all addresses before November 1st.

Once I have all the addresses, I will send a pm out with the address list. Please remember to keep the list private, we once had someone accidentally take a photo showing addresses on cards so just something to be aware of.

Who can sign up?
Any member of WetCanvas can sign up excepting members who have signed up for and not completed previous trades.
When to mail?
For posting cards to international locations please send out by December 1st. For posting cards within your own country please use your judgment on how fast they will arrive and post accordingly. Be sure to post them early enough to arrive before Christmas but not too early please!
Be sure to put the right amount of postage on, international destinations will need different amounts of postage. Check with your countryís post office if youíre not sure what is needed.

What to do when you receive a card?
As soon as you receive a card, be sure to pm the person who sent it as soon as possible. If you only write that you received it in this thread, they may not see it. Itís always a bit of a worry when people donít let the sender know so please be considerate.

What to do when someone tells you they have received your card?
When someone has received your card, post the image in this thread so we can all see.
What if someone doesnít let you know they received your card?
If youíve sent cards out and the person doesnít let you know theyíve arrived and time is passing, pm them and ask. If they donít respond to the pm, go ahead and post your image.
If you have any concerns at all about another member please pm me privately. Thank you.

What to do if you've signed up but can't complete the trade?
If Life decides to intervene and you can't complete the trade, please simply let me know as soon as possible, via pm.


Please use this thread to talk about the trade and or any general chatter about holidays or catching up or whatever youíd like.

Please also take the time to show support and comment on otherís cards when they post their images.

Since this is the first time we've done the trade without the project system, let me know if I've forgotten anything or ask away if you have any questions. :)

Thank you all!

artastic 10-04-2019 10:51 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
sure thing Virginia, I would love to do this again

PaintBoss 10-04-2019 11:30 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Sign me up Virginia pls. I always enjoy trading and chatting with you all. 🙂

vmrs 10-04-2019 11:38 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
The Canadians are quick bunnies today! :D

Nice to see you both!

floblue 10-04-2019 11:44 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Virginia count me in. Can hardly wait to get started. I will send my address over. Thank you

vmrs 10-04-2019 11:50 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Will do, nice to see you!

How did you like that huge weather change we had. I was in my shortest shorts on Monday, so short I can't wear them outside but I was so so hot! and today I took Sammy outside wearing a parka.

vmrs 10-04-2019 11:57 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Got it! Nice to see you too.

PaintBoss 10-05-2019 12:34 AM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
The Canadians are quick to hunker down for the change in season. Right by our computers/ phones and tv.🙂
*Trying hard not to crave pasta thinking we need the extra weight to get us through winter!*:cat: :lol:
Nice to see you ladies here...

CinderellaG 10-05-2019 07:47 AM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Hello all. I am now a Florida girl. Life has changed a lot
My hubby and
Myself. Iím on my cell
Right now so this will be short. Iíll
Jump on my computer later and tell
You all about it. I have sure missed you all and look forward to getting back
And chatting and seeing your art.
Sign me up please
The Christmas card exchange. Iím looking forward to it

autismart 10-05-2019 11:55 AM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Count me in. It's rain, rain, rain here but warm. autismart

vmrs 10-05-2019 03:15 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Nice to see you two!

Joanne, I have your address already, if it's the same. :)

We're back into flooding again. The Mississippi and the Rock River always flood in the spring but at this time of year it's kind of odd. It's pretty cool living by the Mississippi because all the migrating birds will follow it. The great egrets are impressive when they flock up to migrate but the ones I really like seeing are the Broad winged hawks. They migrate in massive flocks. They fly on the thermals. It's kind of weird to see them, they go round and round and round. Hundreds of hawks, circling over and over. I always think it must take them forever to get where they're going.

PaintBoss 10-05-2019 05:51 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Maybe they know the secret to life Virginia!😉
Nice to see you here Cindy and Autismart!

Colorfur Critters 10-05-2019 07:37 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Well hello everyone! I would like to participate this year too! My address has not changed, but since it's been awhile I will PM you Virginia.

Looking forward to see everyone's art :clap:

vmrs 10-05-2019 10:11 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Hi Lola, it's nice to see you! :)

CinderellaG 10-05-2019 11:41 PM

Re: 2019 Christmas Card Trade!
Hello everyone! It has been a while since I have chatted.. so much has changed in my life. In a very shortened version, this is what has changed.
We moved my sister in February to a retirement community in North FL very near my twin brother in Live Oak Florida. Then in March we moved my mother into the same community in Live Oak. They both have their own apartment and are doing quite well there. My mother was very upset with me over all of it but she has settled in and is ok now.
In June Terry(my hubby) and I made a trip to South Florida to visit my son and look around to see if we liked the area. We ended up buying a home here. Before we even listed our home in GA for sale..It was scary but we had an offer from the first people that saw our home in Ga so it worked well. We have been busy to the extreme with all the moves. With my sister who has had a stroke, my mother at the age of 86 with a very bad back and a hubby with a bad heart and now neurological issues most of the physical moving was on me. You would think with all the manual labor that I'd be thin but I am living proof that physical fitness does NOT make one thin!
I actually still have a few boxes to unpack but I am ready to put my new studio to use..I am looking forward to getting back to ART and not feeling like a professional mover.
This has still ended up being a little bit too long...my apologies. Trust me...it could have been much much longer.
Glad to see so many familiar faces still here and I look forward to being back in the loop!

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