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123harry 05-23-2019 04:20 AM

Re: abstract landscape
Genuinely evocative of the Grampian landscape. I like this a lot.

Skyenorth 05-26-2019 04:45 PM

Re: abstract landscape
Thank you so much Wes, you encourage me to keep going, much appreciated.

Hello Rob, maybe I cannot escape the coastal area after all! I was thinking about a valley but now you mention it.......! Many thanks for your comment, much appreciated.

Skyenorth 05-26-2019 04:45 PM

Re: abstract landscape
Thank you Harry!:)

jmax 05-27-2019 08:24 PM

Re: abstract landscape
Stunning work - that purple really makes the painting magical.

Skyenorth 05-29-2019 05:06 PM

Re: abstract landscape
Many thanks John I enjoyed painting this one and using the purple.

Reddyman 05-29-2019 10:26 PM

Re: abstract landscape
Caroline....I really like this and well described as an abstract landscape. The colours are well planned and balanced throughout in my opinion. I too see a wonderful sky and some water effect.....I really enjoyed this.
Well done.

Skyenorth 05-30-2019 05:34 PM

Re: abstract landscape
Thank you so much John. It is a good painting to view on a grey dark day with the rain falling, which is what is happening here in Scotland. Summer is waiting in the wings!

KreativeK 05-30-2019 07:27 PM

Re: abstract landscape
I'm excited about your new direction your art is taking you, Caroline. This one is topnotch and so pleasing to the eye. One can imagine this being any thing really.

maryinasia 05-30-2019 08:41 PM

Re: abstract landscape

Skyenorth 05-31-2019 10:46 AM

Re: abstract landscape
Hi Kay thank you so much! I always admire your flare for experimenting in your art, so many wonderful paintings. I must say I am enjoying my new direction in my art! :)

Thank you Mary!

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