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skwasniok 08-06-2016 03:29 AM

"f: X→ℝ, x₀∈X, f(x₀) <= f(x) ∀ x∈X"
As it has been suggested here, this is a cross-post from here.

After working on "Hallux Christi", I felt I wasn't finished with the subject, but needed some break-off from my overly technocratic regular works, both in technique and colors.

For that, I developed one of the studies in oil on this subject into this painting.

Regarding the title: I got a degree in mathematics at one point in my life. The title is one mathematical definition for the global minimum ("the deepest point") of a function, referring to the perspective (among other things) of this painting.

"f: X→ℝ, x₀∈X, f(x₀) <= f(x) ∀ x∈X"
Oil on Canvas, 120x100cm

Best Regards,


AudreyCatherine 08-06-2016 07:37 PM

Re: "f: X→ℝ, x₀∈X, f(x₀) <= f(x) ∀ x∈X"
Ooops. Guess I figured I was still in the drawing and sketching forum!:lol: Glad you posted it from here to here! ;-) I'm sure this perspective is one I will remember-even if I don't remember in which forum I am.:crossfingers: Hallux Christi is even more unencumbered in it's perspective. Mystical. Thanks. Looking forward to seeing more of your eye catching works.

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