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GarnerArt 01-05-2014 07:38 AM

The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
I'm thrilled to announce that my book, The Wildlife Artist's Handbook, has just been published by Crowood Press in the UK. It was commissioned as How to Draw and Paint Wildlife, but evolved into an entirely new guide. After all, there are plenty of "How To..." type books out there already. I wanted to do something new.

My book covers drawing and painting techniques, composition, anatomy, fieldcraft, wildlife in art history, and where to see wildlife art around the world. A printmaking and sculpture chapter provides inspiration and shows the breadth of the genre. The final chapter is devoted to establishing your art, both by focusing on your own interests and starting to share your work through exhibitions and on the internet. The Appendix gives a suggested reading list and website links to wildlife art societies, competitions, exhibitions, and miscellaneous sites of interest to wildlife artists.

The Wildlife Artist's Handbook comprises 50,000 words and showcases 250 images from thirty professional artists. RRP is 16.99. It is available now in the UK and through online bookshops, though sadly won't be released in USA bookstores until Spring.

For more information please click on the link on my signature.

GarnerArt 01-06-2014 06:22 AM

Re: The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
Here's the book's cover image.
Red Admiral & Mayweed by Darren Woodhead
Heading Home by Jackie Garner
Roach Studies by David Miller
Whooper Swan by Celia Smith

GarnerArt 01-16-2014 01:13 PM

Re: The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
Another book I think is brilliant for bird artists is Katrina van Grouw's The Unfeathered Bird. Katrina is a Royal College of Art graduate and an expert in bird anatomy. Her book is devoted to bird portraits, but showing what goes on beneath the feathers. All the skeletons are shown in characteristic poses - a gannet diving, a penguin porpoising, a sparrowhawk with prey -giving the artist a chance to see exactly how the bones are arranged. There are detailed studies of skulls, feet, bills, eyes. The sepia ink on cream paper gives the illustrations an almost historic feel. The text is scientifically accurate, but thoroughly readable: no jargon involved. It's altogether a beautiful book and a thoroughly useful one. Highly recommended.

Published by Princeton University Press, ASIN: B00GOHLGFG, ISBN-13: 978-0691151342

GarnerArt 03-11-2014 05:21 PM

Re: The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
Two more of my recommended wildlife art books are Drawing & Painting Birds (ISBN 9781847972248) by Tim Wootton, and the newly published Drawing & Painting Insects (ISBN 9781847974891) by Andrew Tyzack. Both published by Crowood Press. Both books are packed with a wealth of practical information, from the basics to more advanced techniques. Worthy additions to anyone's wildlife art library.

GarnerArt 03-20-2014 05:39 PM

Re: The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
Another How to draw... book is probably well-known in America, where it was published by Heyday Books, but perhaps less so in other countries. It's the Laws Guide to Drawing Birds by John Muir Laws, ISBN-13: 978-1597141956. Lots of good information about drawing birds, taking each part of the body in turn, and then looking at different groups of birds - raptors, wildfowl and so on. The author includes art techniques such as colour mixing, field sketching, using negative shapes, painting iridescence and watercolours. Unlike the previous books I've recommended here, all the illustrations are by the author, so it doesn't have the range of styles that other publications show. Nevertheless, it's a good book for those new to the subject, and for those with more experience. I've been drawing birds for decades and I gained new insights from it.

GarnerArt 04-18-2014 05:24 AM

Re: The Wildlife Artist's Handbook
I'm delighted to say that my book, The Wildlife Artist's Handbook is finally available in America, slightly earlier than anticipated. Well done (at last), Amazon.

Anyway, on to another of my Recommended Books. this one is The Incisive Eye, published by Colin See-Paynton. Published in the UK by Scolar Press and in the USA by Ashgate Publishing. Colin See-Paynton is a master wood-engraver, and the book is filled with his images from 1980-1996. They are mostly monochrome images of birds, and display his love of pattern, texture and design. The book also includes a brief history of print-making, and photographs and text showing how the images are created. Whether or not you are a print-maker, it's a wonderful book, and a worthy addition to any wildlife art library.

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