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mlaiuppa 07-11-2019 08:37 PM

The North Light Shop still sorta works but don't wait too long.
I know the March Bankruptcy has left many bits in limbo. WetCanvas is still working for now, but I tried to get into North Light Books to get some Thomas Schaller DVDs and I kept getting some sort of error message for amazon. That may have something to do with the book division being sold.

At any rate, I couldn't find the DVDs I wanted anywhere else. Eventually I came here and used the link at the top of the page and behold, it works. Sorta. Many parts don't, like the FAQs and contact. But I could still log into my account. All of the DVDs on my wishlist were out of stock (and I don't expect them to ever be *in* stock again) but the downloads still appeared to work. So I put three of them in my shopping cart and checked out. I figured if they didn't work I could always have my credit card company dispute the charge.

Well, I set the laptop to download overnight and this morning they were all there and they play. So yay!.

But if anyone else is interested in getting something I would suggest they move fast. There is no telling what works, what doesn't work and when it will all go "poof."

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