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pencilbent 02-06-2018 01:30 PM

BA anxieties
So, I'mm currently at a school that offers both a BA and a BFA in studio art, and since I'm a double major, I've been on the BA track since the course load is significantly lighter (still way more credit requirements than one should take in 4 years though).

My big question is, am I missing out? Will a BA disqualify me from entering grad programs?

I'd just really like to know anyone's thoughts and experiences on this.

Use Her Name 02-07-2018 05:22 PM

Re: BA anxieties
BFA is probably better because the terminal degree (equal to a Ph.D) in art is an MFA and the only way you can reach it is through a BFA.

BA is okay if you are focusing on something else like teaching, or art therapy or something.

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