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Andrew 12-13-2017 02:26 PM

What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Since this exploration of the audio portion of our creative process has not been re-established, I thought I would start by tossing in today's playlist.

In my continuing efforts to avoid the droning of popular and sappy instrumental Christmas music, I have loaded up my day with some of my favorite soundtracks.

Now, what is on your current playlist?


Andrew 12-18-2017 10:31 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Seemed to be missed. I know I certainly miss learning about what other artists are listening to, with bits of musical trivia bandied about.

I picked up some great leads on different groups and music from the original thread. Thus, I still think it is worthwhile attempting to relight the fire.


PaintBoss 12-19-2017 12:37 AM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Yeah I enjoyed the thread too. I am sure folks will chime in.
Well actually Andrew, I am listening to podcasts often, or shows on my iPad as I do things/ paint.
Right now I am bingeing on The Last Jedi spoilers reviews on YouTube. I saw the movie and enjoy all the different reactions. I still can’t get over how epic/great some movie scores are. Yup, Star Wars still holds up. Impressive still. Emotional too at times, regardless what’s happening on screen. The music is evocative for me of childhood and sentimental.
Imagine composing such music and hearing it come to life the first time with the orchestra. I think it must be so satisfying being the musicians who commonly are used to record movie scores. Just amazing, moving, varied, huge music/themes! For instance, how great would you feel as a musician playing for the first time in all it’s glory, the theme music from the movie, “Lawrence of Arabia”. Just sweepingly epic. I think the best score, ever. Was listening to it yesterday.

caldwell.brobeck 12-19-2017 03:57 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
I've gotten a Spotify account now, so I'm getting to explore all kinds of music that's hard to obtain here.

Currently I think the most played are some old favourites:
Lale Andersen - (Spotify) (Amazon.co.uk)
Her best known recording is probably Lili Marleen, but there are somelovely tunes on this, like Unter einem Regenshirm am Abend (Under an Umbrella in the Evening), and Und wieder geht ein schöner tag zu ende (And another beautiful day comes to an end).

And then there's Zarah Leander, particularly Kann denn Liebe Sünde Sein? (Can Love be a Sin?) (Youtube film clip) (Spotify)

And of course, there's Marlene Dietrich. (Spotify)I think my favourite is Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt (recorded in English as Falling in Love Again (Youtube film clip from the English version of The Blue Angel), but the German version is much better). The Spotify version above sounds like it may have been taken off the Blue Angel soundtrack. A slightly cleaned up version is on Youtube


musket 12-19-2017 04:34 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
I've loved Lili Marlene for as long as I can remember and I do like Dietrich.

PaintBoss 12-19-2017 05:05 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Me too.
I loved Vera Lynn since I was a teen in the 1980s. My parent’s generation thought it weird. But she is awesome, music is touching. I just can’t get over the thoughts and feelings of those during the war listening to her.... She is still going strong too. Amazing!

Andrew 12-19-2017 10:01 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Lili Marlene comes up on my Mireille Mathieu station (iHeartradio). She is absolutely brilliant.

I enjoyed seeing Mireille perform a few times back in the 80s, when I was living in Germany. The tight, red sequined gown she wore during a Christmas performance is still ingrained in my, then young and impressionable, mind.

I have been a little more mainstream the last few days. Janis Ian, Bree Sharp, Austin Lounge Lizards, Allison Krauss, Flatt and Scruggs, etc.

Tonight, I have gone a little harder (80s style) Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, Ratt, and Motley Crue are on deck.


musket 12-19-2017 11:48 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
The absolute epitome of cool from beginning to end. If there's ever been a better television soundtrack, tell me about it.


musket 12-20-2017 11:31 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
My concession to Christmas music--


Watch out, Santa's back in town!

Andrew 12-21-2017 01:44 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)

Originally Posted by musket
My concession to Christmas music--


Watch out, Santa's back in town!

Elvis always did it so well.

A Christmas Classic in our house ----


And when you really should watch out for Santa ---


Kosmon 12-21-2017 03:22 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Winter solstice, 30 degrees F today, grey and snowing. Not deep, but first snow of the season that's gonna be around for awhile.

Bob Mould's Workbook always sounded to me like liquid black molten ice.



Christinal 12-24-2017 08:10 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Popular and sappy Christmas music! Love it! :D

Keith Russell 12-25-2017 01:17 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Emile Autumn. Fight Like A Girl.

john 12-25-2017 03:46 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
Not really listening to it now, but the swing-electro swing genre doesn't get enough publicity, imo. I recently "discovered" it.

Impossible not to tap your feet with this stuff. Check it out. In small doses it's fun.


Andrew 12-28-2017 05:16 PM

Re: What are you listening to . . . (reprise)
KIIK Dewitt - Quad Cities

An old friend just started there as a DJ during the afternoon drive-time slot.


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