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TryingAgain 12-25-2019 01:58 PM

Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Going through some old junk I realized I had a bunch of mostly unused sketchbooks, so I figured why not use them for this place. Not quite 2020 yet but I might as well get some practice in. Maybe Santa blessed me with some art magic or something.

To start off with, my fatherís got the flu and got pretty much my entire family sick since they were all together for Xmas, so that gave me the idea to try and draw the guy who wrote the song ĎSanta Clause has got the aidsí. First time trying, and Iím falling back on old habits to just try and copy every exact line of the reference Iím using so itís kind of way out of proportion and stuff, and I decided to try to fix it way too late. Iíll just consider it practice for next year. :P

Iím not sure what the policies on links to other sites are but perhaps I could link my deviantart if anyone wants to see any of my previous stuff? If not thatís alright.

TryingAgain 01-01-2020 12:27 AM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Suppose Iíll update with the last few attempts at drawing Iíve done for 2019 before I do my first for this year. Iíve got one piece thatís just scribbles, one silly one for Boxing Day, a too-normal Francis Bacon inspired piece, a few musicians, one being a fictional character from the game Lollipop Chainsaw and the other two being Anthony Kiedis and Freddie Mercury, the latter of which I just sort of gave up on for the time being. Lastly thereís a few concepts for characters for a comic or visual novel Iíve had in my head for some time now, though Iíve been split between doing more research for it and just shelving the idea until I get a bit better practicing with other ideas.

TryingAgain 01-09-2020 08:03 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Been a few days, feel like I should update with a few things. Havenít bothered uploading every piece Iíve worked on since last time, just a few I think were the best of my attempts. Another artist(this time from Talking Heads), one friend I did as a ninja that was more of a silly doodle, another doodle of some macho guy at a gym, and an actual concept for another ninja-ish character that Iím not really sure where to go with - guess it really depends how serious or dumb or fantastical or surreal I want her story to be. I feel like Iíve got male anatomy down to an ok level, in part thanks to how absurd Jojo characters can be(in the comic page with the giant cat) but the female figure still escapes me a bit.

eyepaint 01-15-2020 03:26 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Such a wide range of work. Thanks for sharing :)

TryingAgain 01-15-2020 04:15 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Thank you :D I suppose I try to keep things fresh by doing a variety of different subjects...though maybe I could work more on environments because I do do a lot of people. Have been trying to learn more animal stuff at least.

TryingAgain 01-23-2020 10:05 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Figured I could do a small update. Still trying to draw once a day, but not as much worth sharing; a lot of it is redesigns or silly doodles or just scraps.

Here, Iíve got a couple characters for one story thatís more or less two shows mashed together, though by now I think Iíve fleshed it out a bit. The other, Ethyl, is supposed to be some spy or agent or something, but I donít think I have as many good ideas for her and it kind of shows. The others are both fanart - one of J.J. Macfield and her doll, F.K., two characters from a game made by White Owls called ĎThe Missingí. The other is sort of based off of a meme, both having to do with Ed Edd n Eddy and Dragon Ball Z. Very distinct cartoons but I tried to put both together anyway to see what would happen.

hobbyartist87 02-02-2020 10:58 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Trav, these are so expressive. Keep going with these.

TryingAgain 02-03-2020 08:02 AM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Thanks Sandra! I actually just thought of posting an update. I donít want to spam, so I try to wait until I have a few things to share, but since getting my new tablet this past week Iíve been pretty excited to work with it every spare moment - despite having been terribly ill and even now having a bad cough that just wonít leave.

It was a lot bigger than I anticipated. :P I think I may have to get a bigger space to work in.

Probably not going to be the last of my actual sketches, especially seeing as Iím going to have to relearn stuff about this art program before I try more serious stuff. For now Iím just messing with different effects and tools and junk.

TryingAgain 02-10-2020 03:18 AM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Over the last few days Iíve likely been going a little overboard with trying to practice a lot of the digital stuff Iíve got at my disposal, and I think some turned out better than others. Either way I look at everything as a learning experience. Just hope I donít get too burned out - probably a good idea to at least take a day off once in a while.

My most recent was a bit of a lazy mess but there seems to be one or two people that liked it. Otherwise I tried doing some existing characters, a couple with new videos of the process, though they arenít so detailed. One with Link and Fi from the Zelda series in a bit of a different style that I really like but unfortunately doesnít seem to have got much attention. Lastly thereís ĎDramekí or, more recently settled on Dramyd, who is to be the main character of my comic. Doing more research on some general history of Bohemia and just your average mythology and folklore has made my story quite a bit more fleshed out.


Not sure I may continue doing videos, as Iíve done in the past. Initially thought theyíd be good for analyzing the way I work...and well, I guess itís done just that. But I think it just reinforces some bad habits of trying to rush myself.

TryingAgain 02-14-2020 04:23 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Bit of a smaller update just for Valentinesí. Drew mostly related stuff, from Eros to my friend over in China who thankfully is still doing ok as far as I know. Pretty hard time finding the right word in her language to describe to her what a muse is, but I think I got what is probably a decent one. As for ďsanikĒ, well, the Sonic movie comes to theaters today. Sadly I wonít get to see it until Sunday, but the story with this picture is basically how awful they made him look in the initial trailers and how they had to delay the film to spend $5 million in budget to fix it.

I can never seem to get her quite right, though...maybe itís the filter :P

TryingAgain 02-20-2020 03:49 AM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Another week has gone by, but unfortunately I have not got much done, for having had some crazy hours as well as just general life and family stuff. Got to see my brother and my niece, whom we sort of had a belated Christmas and birthday party for both of them. Saw the Sonic movie, not great or anything but better than I expected and finally nice to have something good about the franchise after such a long time of it just being terrible.

Also saw Doctor Sleep - much more sophisticated but at the same time I feel as if itís not as good as the Shining, as it just feels far more conventional which is kind of odd after having learned that the flashbacks were actually recreated rather than ripped from the original movie. Even so, overall I enjoyed it. Thing is, I havenít read either of the books. I remember the first work of Kingís I read was probably over a decade ago, ĎThinnerí, and then after that, the gargantuan ĎITí. But I think it was the more grounded stories like ĎCujoí or ĎMiseryí that got me really frightened but also felt more touching. Suppose that might be the difference between these two movies for me; I felt like the viewers relationship with the Torrance family was far more intimate within the isolated, quiet and imposing halls of the Overlook, with the more supernatural elements being borne of the more intrinsic fears and dread of each of them, rather than being the center of the story. In any case, perhaps one day I will read both and see for myself if they are deeper, and in the meantime use them for inspiration.

There is one other thing Iíve revisited briefly and plan to get back to over the long weekend ahead. Killer7, a game that is almost one of a kind, a psychological thriller at least to describe it in some way. Not much unlike these movies but still very distinct, and far more difficult to summarize, but itís perhaps been my second favorite game overall since I first played it likely back around 2006 or 7.

But enough of that, letís get to posting what I did draw:

I did more but this is just what I thought was worth sharing of them. A couple simple concepts for my comic that still likely have a ton of changes to go through, especially the blindfolded man as heís just too close to an existing character I was thinking of at the time.

Steve Harvey there is a bit of a joke, considering Jim Carrey as Eggman in the Sonic film. Eggman Nega is a character from a more obscure Sonic game, who is a sort of alternate universe counterpart, so Harvey was the first celebrity I thought of that might fit the role if it ever happened. :P

Lastly was one I made specifically for trying my hand at Redbubble, a site where you can sell art for prints on different products. Totally not Sonic at all. They do most of the work, so I guess the deal is just that you only actually make a small percentage of the earnings, but I figured some is better than nothing right now as Iím trying to build a reputation and audience. Perhaps it will push me to try and make more original artwork.

TryingAgain 02-29-2020 11:03 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Happy leap day to all :D I kind of didnít realize it was until now :P
So with another month of 2020 sort of down, I canít say Iíve had as much practice lately; mostly just playing some old favorite games on my new laptop between long inconsistent shifts at work. But maybe sometimes itís better to take a break than to stress out. At the very least, I am still keeping track of my drawing habits(and other goals) daily on my calendar so that breaks donít get out of hand.

Good news is Iíve finally decided to start my comic Iíve been mulling over for many months now. Itís pretty rough, but I guess itís with the idea in mind that itís a rough draft, to really work out the kinks in what I can do well and what I might need to scrap or improve on. Iíve got a general outline of how the story will go, in order to not have it go on too long, but I have no idea how many actual pages it might come out to with the 5-6 arcs planned. I do have a few sketched pages but only did 3 digitally so far. Really need to work on my speech bubbles and figure out if I should just use a font. That and Iím having a hard time deciding on the color palette as well as the contrast.

Have decided on the arc/chapter names at least...not sure about copyright for song titles from games but I donít plan to make this version that popular.


Have also begun thinking of another idea, this one not so serious that I likely wonít actually start until this oneís almost done. Just something to give some variety to my process so I donít get bored doing the same thing all the time.

Lastly just a couple random pieces I did this past week...one being a joke about Pablo Picasso and the other being a bit of a racket take on a holiday. :P Maybe in poor taste? Not sure but I imagine Iíd be told if itís not a good look. Even so, I plan to have some more violent bits in both these comic ideas, in which case Iím not certain if I should just omit those from this thread.

I forgot, that last one is a bit of a hasty piece because I hadnít realized it was the 10th anniversary of one of my favorite games, Deadly Premonition. Hoping the sequel still makes it out this year as planned.

TryingAgain 03-13-2020 10:35 AM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
Almost two weeks gone by, and I started this ĎRace Warí idea, kind of developing it as I go. I can kind of see it still taking a while, along with the other, so in light of recent events with the whole corona virus stuff, Iíve also decided that trying my hand at a significantly shorter story about it might make more sense at the moment.

I figure BioCurse might at least not take up much time with it only being black and white. Itís not solely his style but I associate it with horror writer Junji Ito, from the few works Iíve read of his - ĎGyoí, ĎTown without streetsí, Ďthe Enigma of Arigama Faultí, etc. Them being so minimalist but also detailed, never mind so bizarre, intrigued me just enough to dip into horror a bit. So I guess itís what Iím aiming for.

That last one, well, I thought I might have had an original idea, but it turns out plenty of people have done stuff like it and far better. :P Even so, itís something I kind of want to turn into my own eventually, and use for another story idea, this one way later down the line as it involves relearning a game making program I used to fiddle around with in my teens. Perhaps I could make a simple visual novel with some puzzle solving or interaction of some kind.

TryingAgain 03-22-2020 10:41 PM

Re: Travís sorta 2020 doodles
So I havenít been doing much lately. Work has been a real killer. Two other maintenance employees pretty much outright quit in the last month and now the only other guy is on leave until the 15th next month, so here I am as a part time worker getting swamped with more than full time hours and asked to do even more on top of that without much benefit. Already taking a big risk with some respitory issues but also now some ear infection I canít afford to treat either.

Considering weíre supposedly ďessential employeesĒ, and yet only now seeing much of any consideration at all, puts into light just how not worth it it all is and my drive to make a living with my art. Even so, it motivates me to try to do something more for this particular class of people Iím in thatís not often even regarded as human. Who knows if I can actually change anything, but in the age of information Iíve got far more of a chance to do this now while the spotlight is on retail workers and others still working in public in general.

At the very least, my immediate family is safe for now, though everyone is also still working, especially one working directly with elderly in hospice type care which seems even more risky. I had heard from my friend in China and am glad to hear from her that things seem better there now, but foreigners are coming back in with the potential to still infect more people.

The few things art related I have done lately, most have to do with this vague game idea. I even tried making my own music with this free website called BeepBox which seems easy to play with, has the aesthetic Iím looking for - the hard part being I have no knowledge of music theory. :P


Otherwise, there have been a few doodles here and there.

One is a sort of more grown up version of the character Tetra, from one of my favorite games ĎLegend of Zelda: The Wind Wakerí. I guess since the actual game is cutesy and whimsical and described from the designers as ďseeing through the eyes of a childĒ I thought it might be interesting to do something a bit older now Iím almost 30. Thing is, she still kind of just looks weird unfortunately.

Last is a sort of celebratory picture since my friend Sweryís new game ĎThe Good Lifeí has been announced to come to the Nintendo Switch.

Just thought Iíd make this smaller update to let people know Iím alive but also to say I may not do another for some time, dealing with work and stress and my dumb ear I just donít feel like drawing or even gaming of much else other than getting as much rest as I can. Hope you are all doing well and stay safe.

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