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Jon 05-16-2013 03:21 PM

Welcome! Some reminders
Welcome! :wave:

A few reminders regarding the Forum:

It has always been the policy and within the community spirit of WC that members share images of their work here on site for sharing and for C&C. Please do not link to off site image hosting services because we risk those images being removed and rendering threads here on WC useless. You will also benefit from posting here because many members will not follow a link due to fears of a virus or other potential negative results.
Thank you for this consideration to your fellow WC members!

Please reserve C&C (Critiques and Comments) for those posters who ask for it.
Posters can assist in this by simply stating such within your thread and using the letters C&C in your thread's title.

Any threads containing nude images must be marked with a Butt Icon.

If you view any post which you feel needs a Moderator review use the report icon found in the upper right corner of the post in question to notify the staff.

Technical Assistance:

Uploading images

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