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Yorky 11-17-2019 02:41 AM

Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Good morning all, had a good night's sleep, around six hours uninterrupted.

A dry misty morning here.

Baking this morning then an M&S £10 meal deal for dinner.


Que Sera 11-17-2019 03:37 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Morning Doug, and all who wash up later.

Rachel, I hope your Dad is OK, and that you have a more tranquil day than you had yesterday. I'm glad people are rallying round.

Darla, I hope you make it to the doctor today.

Ellen, well done on the scarf sales, and good to hear you're taking some time out to relax.

Char, I hope you've had some creative time to yourself after shifting all that lovely paper.

Uschi, I was also thinking about the tourists who travelled to Venice and found themselves in deep water.

JJ, Lynn, Nancy and Kay, hope you're all feeling OK today.

I hope y'all have the best day you can.


Yorky 11-17-2019 03:46 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Good morning QS, we were lucky to have fine weather for our visit to Venice. I think Geoff RIP was walking on duck boards once when he visited.

Have a good day.


doppler 11-17-2019 04:55 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Good evening all.

Astounding storm today. Thunder. No lightning. A good thing. No rain. Five drops per metre squared does not qualify as rain.

Further north they got baseball or rather cricket ball sized hail.

Cats did not like the thunder. I reminded them of Bills comment. Cats are unhappy in Venice. Do you want to go to Venice ? Where?

I'm thinking this is a new normal. Fire risk will take years to decline. So many dead as doornail eucalypts.

I tell myself to stop thinking and just watch commercial vomit tv where all is well if you have fat lips and fake eyelashes and no brain. Oh, no expression ... forgot the Botox.


Lulu 11-17-2019 05:57 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019

Lulu 11-17-2019 06:04 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
We are imbibing here....
And it's raining...

Have found a use for all the bottles of whisky we've been given over the years....and thought we didn't like.
Medically prescribed hot toddy, complete with recipe! True!
And the doctor suggested that we take a bit out of each bottle and any remains be taken to the sugery next week and they will safely dispose of them.:lol:
Hilarious consultation!

Yorky 11-17-2019 06:06 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Now Lulu, you don't want to end up like that ^^ :lol:


BlissC 11-17-2019 06:08 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Morning all, to those who wash up later, and huggles to all who need them :grouphug:

I've just finished putting together a shopping list to email to my sister. She'll call at the supermarket on her way over this morning. Dad's fishing buddy's going to go round to someone who lives a couple of streets away who rides motorbikes to see if he can pop round and put my dad's motorbike (yes, at 74 he's still riding a motorbike as well, and it's not just a small one!! :eek:) back in the garage. We had to leave it out last night because dad wouldn't let anyone who's not used to handling bikes move it. :rolleyes: He's also recently been doing a lot of work on the house a couple down from us which his daughter's bought, including work on the garage which he did with some contractors, so we're going to ask him who the contractor was he used and get them to quote for fixing the garage roof. I did suggest perhaps doing the garage roof himself wasn't wise, but dad's rather stubborn, and seems to forget he can't do all the stuff he did when he was younger.

Yes, JJ, my dad lives with me. Until my mum got really ill, she was my main carer. When she got too ill, I had to muddle by myself, and when she really began to really deteriorate, I started managing her meds as well as my own. Dad's no idea about medical stuff, and had never had to do housework or cook, so it's taken a lot of instruction to get him doing the basics. Until he started cookery classes a few weeks ago, virtually every cooked meal was mashed potato, frozen mixed veg, and whatever pack of meat the local Co-op had, and followed the instructions on the pack. He's no good with multi-tasking though, and I'm vegetarian and gf, so I'm left to fend for myself. It's far from an ideal situation, but I largely get by. I've got a lot of equipment that helps me out. My sister's taken over some things, like looking after my feet, and changes my bedding for me when she comes over. She can strip it and re-make it while I'm still struggling to change one pillowcase. :lol:

Up to now I've managed to get by without any professional help, but it's getting to the stage where I'm really struggling now with various things, particularly showering, and I think it's time to get help in. :(

Back later! :wave:

Lulu 11-17-2019 06:08 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Doug - Whisky and botox...imagine ...:lol::lol:

doppler 11-17-2019 06:27 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Lulu ! :lol: :lol: :lol: u

Scene Chaser 11-17-2019 07:06 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Good day all,

Five hours of interrupted sleep.

15 F and snowing. Don't you wish you were here?

Ellen, congrats on the sales. Six hours on my feet would kill me.

Rachael, its commendable that your dad is taking cooking lessons. I know what it feels like to realize I can't do the things I use to. Can't blame your dad for trying but maybe his unfortunate fall will be a wake up call.

Lulu, thanks for the laugh. I'm with the doctors. :)

I have too many projects to mention. I'll work on those today.

painterbear 11-17-2019 07:52 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Good Morning all,
It is almost 7:00 a.m. here in beginning to get light Oakwood. Warmer temps today for leaf raking. Larry says it will be our last one, the rest that fall can stay oh the ground until Spring. There will be more...our neighbor has three big trees in his yard whose leaves blow into our yard with the westerly winds, and we have a maple tree in our yard that is still half full of leaves. :D

Making chicken curry for dinner tonight with some leftover chicken. I have a recipe for the curry sauce part of the recipe and will just cut up the chicken and add it to that. Basmati rice and poppadoms on the side. :D

Rachel, Ladders are dangerous (I know from experience with my DH's fall from one). Sorry your Dad was injured, but glad it wasn't more severely.

Ellen, Congrats on your sales.

Lulu, Have fun mixing up those hot toddy's.

Char, Enjoy all that lovely Fabriano paper...although you probably got some of that for your students to use in class.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



Ellen in Ont 11-17-2019 08:15 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
:wave: everyone,
I donít feel any more rested after just 4 hours sleep. I might need a little nap later. Iím also starting a cold it feels like. I hope I can fight it off.

Cold and snowy here which will be the weather for the next 5 or 6 months so I wonít mention it again unless it does something of note.:lol:

Today I have to unpack my bag from the sale yesterday then the rest of the day will be for more Xmas decorating. Brian has the last of the outside lights to finish and get the snowblower ready for the season. Iím not looking forward to the next two weeks. They are my busiest and most tiring of the year and add to that extra babysitting and all the red tape of changing over cars and Iím feeling stressed. I figure it will all get done and just take one day at a time and write lots of lists so I donít forget something. :rolleyes: Of course Brian decided to work overtime for 3 of the 5 Fridayís this month so he isnít available to do the stuff at businesses that only work weekdays. I told him no more overtime (after this coming Friday that he has committed to) until after things settle.

So Iím off to make breakfast (now that I hear Brian stirring). Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

Uschi 11-17-2019 09:55 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Good Morning!!

Cold like at Bill's but we do have bright sunshine.

Once I am breakfasted and dressed I'll bake a Duncan Heinz Lemon cake, easy peasy. I don't have lemons in the house to make my own from scratch.

The reason I am baking is that Jodi and Hans are coming over for afternoon coffee and cake and Audrey and Steve (DIL's parents) will be joining us.

I was busy yesterday, shopping, made a new batch of my green soup, then prepared several chicken dinners to freeze for future dinners and then I was off to Audrey and Steve's for Mahi Mahi fish dinner with capers sauce, delicious!!! Didn't get home till late, watched the news and went to bed. Slept well!

Lynn, thanks for the link to see the Canadians win the silver for their ice dancing, BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Ellen, so glad you sold so many scarves!!!! Relax, relax!!!!

Rachel, quite the exciting day you had:eek: So glad your dad didn't get hurt.

Darla, good that you have another week off work that will give you a chance to take car of your hurting stomach (((()))) and :crossfingers: So good that Jen and the kids are coming to visit at the same time when Josh is visiting too. It will be a wonderful get together.

Annie, sorry the thunder didn't bring rain.

:wave: to you Doug, Sylvia, QS, Bill and Lulu!


Que Sera 11-17-2019 10:14 AM

Re: Daily Wash Sunday 17th November 2019
Lulu, that picture was so funny.

It reminded me of the old joke - I have the body of an 18-year-old, but I'm having to give it back 'cos I'm making it all wrinkly. Boom, boom.


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